kampeerterrein Schoonenberg
Genieten in de natuur
kampeerterrein Schoonenberg
Voor jong en oud


Schoonenberg is surrounded by an oak forest but there is a great variety of trees and plants on the property, including several large beech, yew, wild jasmine etc.


The animals are well-represented . So there a lot of different birds flying  around, as brutal great tits and robins , jays , magpies , woodpeckers and in the Park also flies a flock of buzzards around . The buzzards do not show themselves so much when a little busier , but in the low season they make frantically hunting the pigeons.


Beeckestijn is a beautiful estate just steps away from the campsite. Throughout the park dogs should be let out , with or without a belt . For a cup of tea or coffee are served at Brasserie Beeckestijn , but also for lunch and dinner are served in this old coaching inn . In the gardens of the country house you can stroll and admire the mansion itself are often wonderful exhibitions.

Velserbeek park is about 10 minutes walk from the campsite. For the kids , this is the best property in the vicinity of our campsite.  There are several playgrounds, a deer park and a petting zoo. In the summer, children can cool off on hot days in the paddling .

Schoonenberg park adjacent to our campsite . Just cross the street and walk into the park. In the park there are several bunkers from WWII , as well as a visvijvertje (remember your license) and some nice fields that are perfect for ball games or a picnic vos

One kilometer away are the Kennemerduinen . The Kennemerduinen are often referred all dunes between Zandvoort and IJmuiden. Actually this is the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park , which consists of several dune areas and estates. Kennemer Dunes is part of this national park . It may here be lovely cycling and walking , but there are also several places in the park that specifically are worth visiting . You can find information here about the National Park South Kennemerland website.


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